Get your kicks for free

We’ve talked about the importance of authenticity in sports coverage before and the opportunity to create powerful emotions independent of your format.

Whether you’re a full-on sports station or not, conveying the passion of a major cultural event is part of what radio does so well. But having the right elements to support your content can really make the difference.

Bring on ReelWorld’s Euro Kitbag 2016. It’s the Real Madrid equivalent of radio imaging. It contains everything you need to cover Europe’s biggest sporting event of the summer — soccer and French themed music beds, sound design, news beds, and radio imaging work parts. We’ve even included a 2016 goal alarm so you can let everyone know instantly when your team hits the net. Go on, drop it during the tunes for a memorable listener response!

We’ve made ReelWorld’s Euro Kitbag 2016 free of charge to European radio stations.

But that’s not all. Need some French VO? Production Vault subscribers can go one step further with our resident ReelWorld Frenchman. He’ll voice up any liners you need for free. Even better, get the French guy to try and pronounce your station or presenter names. Now that could be entertaining! Just contact your ReelWorld representative or e-mail us through reelworld.com and let us know what you need. Don’t have Production Vault? Inquire here!

Whatever you do for soccer, make sure you choose a unique angle that listeners will remember you for. And here’s to some great action!


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