• This Is Prep+ More than just a prep service.

    No more scripted bits, pages of printouts, outdated stories or cheesy humor. Prep+ has all the content you expect, plus it's packed with a ton of audio and dozens of exclusive features.

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    Updated ConstantlyPerfect for all dayparts.

    Prep+ is not just for morning shows. It's updated around-the-clock with a constant stream of content. See what's trending and browse the latest news, celebrity, music and lifestyle stories with just a few clicks.

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    Powerful PlanningThe new way to prep.

    Whether you work on your own or you're part of a team, the Prep+ scheduler keeps your show on track. Select your stories, build your breaks and even add features, events and reminders. No need for Post-its or pens!

Talent alone won't make you a success. Neither will being in the right place at the right time, unless you are ready. The most important question is: Are you ready? 

Johnny Carson

download audio

Whether you're looking for a quick one-click download of the entire day's audio or you just want the most talked about clip from the hottest story of the day, Prep+ has you covered.

team collaboration

Collaborate from the studio or the comfort of your couch. Prep+ features a unique team workspace where users can share, edit and create their own stories in real time.


set reminders

In addition to organizing your content directly into the Prep+ scheduler, you can also set reminders and create recurring events such as weather, traffic, promos and contests.

multi-view modes

View your day, your way. With Prep+ you're not locked to having just one layout. You can choose from a variety of different screen options and even set your preferred font size.

go-mode view

Ready to air? Launch go-mode directly from the Team Workspace or Scheduler for an expanded view of your items along with the ability to check them off and stay on track.


see it in action

how it works


and Select

It's easy to find what you're looking for in Prep+, as everything is sorted by date and story category. Access the top Trending stories of the day or search for something more specific.

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Own Every Story

Don't let us put words in your mouth. The Prep+ workspace editor allows you and your team to edit and create stories - in your words.

No time? Click and Print.


Stay On Track

Prep+ features a powerful scheduler which allows you to plan and organize your chosen content by date, hour and break.

You can even create reccurring events and set reminders with just a few clicks.


Plan Your Show On The Go

Around-the-clock content updates make show planning and team collaboration possible whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Our Stories, Your Spin

With Prep+ you have the power...of editing. Whether you're putting your own twist on one of our stories or you're adding your own local content, you're in full control. You can also add your own discussion topics, audio clips, web links and more!


Targeted & Topical

From the Kardashian clan to crazed criminals, Taylor Swift to dating tips, Prep+ is full of content that's relevant right now. We work around the clock, pulling the hottest headlines, clips and audio and providing you with the tools to get them on the air quickly and easily.

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Prep+ is currently only available for terrestrial radio stations in the U.S. & Canada.
Please no internet station inquiries.