Producer/Composer/Sound Designer

Seattle based ReelWorld Productions, a global leader in radio jingle production, is hiring an experienced Producer/Composer/Sound Designer to work alongside our music production team and help us create the best radio ID jingles in the world.

You are an experienced producer/composer who is passionate about music and sound, technologically adept, and constantly seeking to expand your skills and your musical awareness. Ideally, you’ve mastered both Logic and Pro Tools, and are comfortable in a fast paced commercial music production environment working in a variety of musical genres and styles, with an emphasis on modern pop, EDM, hip-hop/R&B and rock music. With talent and motivation to burn, you are both self-directed and able to “learn-by-doing” while working alongside the top producers in the radio jingle industry. In addition to your musical and production chops, you have first-rate communication skills and can get your ideas across verbally and in written format (email/Word) while also being an exceptional listener. Lastly, you are a team player who is ready to make a positive contribution to a creative, supportive, and fun work environment where we get the job done and enjoy the time spent with each other while doing so.   

If this sounds like you and you meet the qualifications below, please reply to this ad with your reel and resume. We ask that you do take the time to view our web page at www.reelworld.com to get an idea of who we are and what we do. Based on the initial applications that we receive, qualifying candidates will be given a follow-up phone interview and will then have an opportunity to demonstrate their ability by completing an assigned test project that emulates real work responsibilities, followed by an in-person interview process.   

This is a full time, salaried position based in Seattle, WA, USA.  Salary and relocation package depends on experience.

Job Title:

Producer/Composer/Sound Designer

Reports to:

Music Director

Job Summary:

Assists Music Director in the composition, tracking/overdubbing, mixing, editing and post production of radio jingles using Logic, Pro Tools, and other platforms as needed.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Composition/creation of custom “in-the-box” music tracks using any of several platforms (mostly Logic, but also ProTools, Ableton, Maschine, etc.)

• Sound Design – sourcing new, fresh, previously unheard sounds and noises (both musical and non-musical) using a variety of tools & plugins, for use as standalone sound design elements, logo tones, etc.

• Sound Replacement/Creation/Augmentation (eg. drum triggers, synth sound design, and/or augmenting existing tracks with additional instruments/vocal tracks)

• Sample and Sound Design Library management

• Research New Sounds & Plugins (eg. logo tones, sound design elements, vocal processing plugins)

• Vocal Aligning, Tuning, Comping

• Outside Session Prep on behalf of the out-of-house musicians, producers and other vendors we sometimes work with. (Preparation of cue files for vocal/instrumental recording sessions; transfer audio files/stems between Logic and Pro Tools)

• Session Cleanup/Editing (import/export instrumental and vocal stems, comping tracks, cleanup of recorded takes)

• Create new and/or remixed vocal arrangements/processing/mixes on existing material

• Adapt/edit existing musical arrangements for new clients

Skills and Experience Required:

• Logic and ProTools mastery (Logic is essential to our workflow; applicants MUST be up to speed on Logic Pro 9)

• Apple Mac OS proficiency

• Familiarity with current state of the art in audio plugins & virtual instruments (eg. Waves, Native Instruments, Slate Digital, Spectrasonics, u-he, UVI, etc)

• 3+ years experience in a hands-on professional audio production environment, and/or a practical understanding of audio engineering mixing/editing including concepts such as signal flow, gain staging, compression, equalization, side chaining, etc.

• Excellent musical acuity: pitch, timing, arrangement, rhythm

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Ability to self manage tasks and adhere to deadlines in a dynamic, fast-moving environment

To Apply:

• Please email your resume, contact information, and an MP3 copy of your audio demo reel to composer.search@reelworld.com. (No phone calls please.)

• When submitting your email, please include “ReelWorld Composer Search 2016” in the subject line.

• Please include your MP3 demo reel as a file attachment within your email message. (No download links, Soundcloud pages or embedded YouTube demos please.)

• Your demo reel should be a maximum of 3 minutes in length, and ideally should consist of multiple :20 to :30 second clips of several of your best original compositions and/or self produced tracks. We are looking to get a well-rounded survey of your talents and abilities as a producer, composer and sound designer; therefore we are looking for a “highlight reel” consisting of short clips from multiple selections, rather than long-form pieces of music.

• Please accompany your audio demo reel with a short text description

(this can be included in your email body) annotating the nature of your work on each included audio clip. For example, please indicate whether you were the composer, producer, sound designer, mix engineer, etc on each clip, and/or if you contributed vocals or played/programmed any instruments.

What You Can Expect:

• We will confirm receipt of your emailed submission via return email.

• Depending on the number of applications received for this position, there will be an internal review process followed by a series of phone interviews for qualifying candidates. We will be in touch by phone or email to schedule a follow up interview for those who qualify.

• Questions, comments, concerns? Please email us at composer.search@reelworld.com with any questions or issues.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

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