Were you prepared?

When big news breaks, we like to track our relevant radio imaging workparts to see just how the news resonates in our industry. With Prince’s passing, our numbers show that station imagers, at least in the Production Vault world, swiftly reacted to the untimely death.

At 9:50 AM PST last Thursday morning our Prep+ writers confirmed that the unthinkable had happened: Prince had passed. While the world mourned, we got to work.

Our team of producers came together and immediately set about finding audio, interviews, news clips, reactions and music. In a little over 20 minutes our guys had created an organized Dropbox folder with hundreds of clips and songs. Next we split the team in two. One half uploaded the audio clips to our Production Vault formats and the other half used these clips to create compelling and engaging tribute pieces ready for air.

Come noon we had uploaded tribute imaging and workparts to all Production Vault formats to help stations grieve with their listeners. For our users, this is the shiny bow on the top of Production Vault. In times of crisis we’re on your team; we’re preparing your audio for you.

By the end of the day, 500 Production Vault stations across the world had downloaded Prince radio imaging to use for their stations. Through Friday, these pieces had been downloaded over a thousand times. When we break down these download numbers by hour, it’s evident that Production Vault users were chomping at the bit to get Prince tributes on air.

At Friday’s end, our download numbers were six times more than any other radio imaging track in the past 30 days and already the most downloaded piece of radio imaging we made in the last year. Possibly our most downloaded piece, ever. What this means is that our imagers were working hard to make sure their stationality echoed the change Prince’s death etched into the musical landscape as quickly as humanly possible.

Celebrity deaths have become a grim reality in the past couple years, and as we see more alerts that someone influential has passed or that we lost someone in their creative prime, Production Vault will be there to make sure you can pay respects to the fallen quickly, and with the production quality deserving of their legacy. Goodnight, Prince.


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