Why I upgraded my audio interface to the Universal Audio Apollo Twin (Solo)

As a radio imaging producer I am always looking for the best sound for my buck, which can be difficult when I often only have a couple of them to spend. The Apollo Twin is just that. A simple, powerful, small, two-channel interface that gets the radio imaging job done . . . plus some.

One of the reasons I fell in love with this box is that it’s great interface for VO. The respected UA name promises quality hardware with excellent sounding mic preamps and super clean converters — and the Apollo Solo delivers. A thunderbolt-only connection to your Mac (sorry PC users) introduces minimal-to-no latency in your DAW. Once your signal gets inside this bad boy, it is treated to the world of UAD plugins. You can easily create a vocal plugin chain using some of the best vintage modeled EQs, compressors, and limiters ever created . . . and can even print this sweetened audio right into Pro Tools, or simply monitor with it. All of this takes place on a virtual console that runs in tandem with your DAW saving space on your desk.

Console Screen Shot

The improved D/A converters immediately upgraded the sound quality in my monitors, opening up the stereo field and adding more detail than my Mbox 3 Pro provided. For station voiceover, it immediately upgraded the raw sound off of my microphone . . . even allowing me to retire my outboard mic preamp and use the modeled UA 610-B preamp instead. Inside my imaging sessions, I now have access to a handful of the bundled UAD plugins including high quality reverbs, EQs, dynamics and more — all without using any of my system’s resources. The Apollo Twin is doing all the dirty work inside, allowing me to get more horsepower out of my DAW.

If you dabble in the music production side of things as I do, this interface also has plenty of features for you including a Hi-Z input right on the front that automatically activates when you plug a guitar into it and an amp modeling plugin that will have you playing out of a Marshall half stack in seconds.

The Universal Audio Apollo Twin (Solo) is a radio producer’s best friend and — at a ridiculously low price of $699 — gives you the most bang for the buck.


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