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Make your station sing

The most powerful and memorable way to sonically brand your station. Heard by millions of listeners around the world every day.

The most trusted radio imaging service

Constantly updated production shells, song intros, music beds, sound design and a vast array audio workparts available in 11 different formats.

Jingles and more delivered monthly

Jingles, imaging, sonic logos, song intros and more, updated every month to keep your station brand sounding current, relevant and musically on-trend.

Hit Music Imaging

The other best updating imaging service on the planet. Hit music imaging for your hit music station.

High impact short-form IDs

High impact short-form IDs that harness the proven recall of a sung melody without sounding like a traditional jingle.

1000+ pieces of imaging with your VO

A powerful programming platform, designed to engage listeners and turn your station into a dynamic and interactive experience.

1000+ pieces of imaging with your VO

ProductionVault featuring your station VO. Completely image a station in minutes.

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The biggest name in radio jingles and imaging. Heard on thousands of stations every day.

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Creative content, tools and technology for radio today. And tomorrow.

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